You must know the skills of picking high-quality tea bags!

December 9, 2022

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The quality of tea bags determines the quality of tea, and there are many factors that determine the quality of tea bags. When we buy tea bags, as long as we observe the quality of tea bags from these places, we can basically screen out better tea bags. Specifically what to pay attention to and how to choose, the following editor will explain in detail how to choose good quality tea bags.

Aluminum Foil Tea Bags

Aluminum Foil Tea Bags

1. The appearance of tea bags. Generally, high-quality tea bags have a delicate appearance without too many impurities. Inferior tea bags will have a rough appearance, because inferior tea bags will definitely cut corners in order to reduce costs during processing. Then the tea bags that cut corners will have a rough appearance.

2. The material smell of tea bags. Inferior tea bags must have a lot of peculiar smell, which will continue to reduce costs and tamper with materials. Generally, inferior tea bags will choose some inferior materials, and some materials are harmful to the human body.

3. The design of tea bags, the oil used in the design of inferior tea bags has a strong taste, and some inferior pigments will be used on the pigments. The paint may or may not fade, but the overall design will definitely be rough.

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