Why use aluminum foil for food packaging bags?

February 23, 2022

Why use aluminum foil for food packaging bags?

Why aluminum foil can be used as food packaging bags, why choose aluminum foil bags for food packaging bags? Are these questions bothering you. Let us analyze it below.

The aluminum foil packaged foods on the market are generally reheatable and shelf-stable. Most of the aluminum foil used in food processing is bright on one side and dull on the other.The aluminum foil for food can wrap food on both sides, usually it is recommended to wrap it with a bright side to improve the heat conduction effect.

food packaging bags

Why use aluminum foil for food packaging bags? This is because metal aluminum will be oxidized by oxygen, forming a dense oxide A1203 protective film on the metal surface to prevent oxygen from continuing to oxidize metal aluminum. Of course, packaging bags made of aluminum foil use this layer. The dense protective film can well isolate the outside air from entering the inside of the bag and prevent the food from being oxidized and deteriorated.

On the other hand, aluminum foil has good ductility, excellent barrier properties, strong corrosion resistance, and good printing applicability. instead of preventing food from reacting with oxidation

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