Why are food packaging bags damaged?

August 8, 2022

Why are food packaging bags damaged?

The damage to food packaging bags is one of the important aspects that affect the quality of products, because the damage to food packaging bags not only affects the quality of product packaging, but also causes the food to be damp, leak, and deteriorated, which directly affects the quality of the food in the bag. . So what are the reasons for the damaged food packaging bags? There are many factors that may cause food packaging bags to be damaged. Below, Jmei Packaging, a professional flexible packaging manufacturer, will analyze it for you.

  1. The heat sealing temperature has the most direct influence on the heat sealing strength.
  2. The type, thickness, and quality of the heat-sealing layer material have a decisive influence on the heat-sealing strength Commonly used heat sealing materials for food packaging bags include CPE, CPP, EVA, hot melt adhesives, and other ionic resin co-extruded or blended modified films. The thickness of the heat sealing layer material is generally between 20 and 80 μm, and in special cases, it is also 100 to 200 μm.

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