Where is the code on the salt packaging bag

January 29, 2023

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Where is the code on the salt packaging bagMany people don’t know where the code is when they buy salt. Let’s briefly introduce how to identify the code on the salt packaging bag.The general codes are on the back of the salt. as the picture shows:coded as B20121107A2BNo.1digits:BIndicates the production enterprise codeNo.2~5digits:2012Representative yearNo.6~7digits:11represents the monthNo.8~9digits:07representative dateNo.10digits:Arepresentative packing pointNo.11digits:2Represents the packaging machine numberNo.12digits:BRepresents the workshop shift numberThe meaning of this code is: small bags of salt produced by Jiuda (Yingcheng) Salt Mine Co., Ltd. and subpackaged by the provincial company subpackaging factory (Yingcheng), and the subpackaging date is2012year11moon7day,2Packing machine No., the workshop shift number isB.

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