What’s the feature of stand up pouch?

November 7, 2022

What’s the feature of stand up pouch?

  1. perfect for keeping your product standing tall.
  2. ideal for shelf display, which also makes them the perfect way to advertise your brand. 
  3. great choice for snacks, frozen foods or pet food and treats. 
  4. offers market-friendly features like zippers, tear notches, and hang holes. 
  5. Reusable zipper can keep the snack fresh
  6. Choose to swap our standard square corners for rounded edges. This convenient feature avoids any damage that could be caused by sharp corners, improving the packs storage and usability. 
  7. Depending on the volume you are packing, we can offer you a doy or k-seal gusset. doy pouch is suitable for lightweight products while the k-seal pouch is more durable for higher volumes. 
  8. we can also make a clear or frosted window in your stand up pouch design. 

stand up pouch 22.11.07

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