What‘s the common materials of the packaging bags?

August 17, 2022

What‘s the common materials of the packaging bags?

Plastic bags are usually made of the following materials:
1. PE plastic packaging bag
Polyethylene (PE), abbreviated as PE, is an organic compound formed by the addition of polyene and polymerization. It is recognized as a good material for contact products in the world Material. Polyene is moisture-proof, oxygen resistant, acid resistant, alkali resistant, toxic, odor resistant, in line with the packaging health standards, known as the “flower of plastic”. 

2. Po Plastic packaging bag
Po Plastic (polyolefin), abbreviated as PO, is a polyolefin copolymer, which is a polymer obtained from olefin monomers. Opaque, fragile, poisonous, often made into PO flat bags.
Po bag, especially Po Plastic packaging bag.

3. PP plastic packaging bag
PP plastic bags are made of polypropylene. They are like color printing and offset printing. They are bright and tensile polypropylene plastics,
It belongs to a kind of thermoplastic. Poison, taste, and appearance are bright and transparent.

4. Opp plastic packaging bag
Opp plastic packaging bag is made of polypropylene, bidirectional polypropylene, which is characterized by easy combustion, melting dripping, yellow on the top and blue on the bottom, less smoke after leaving, and continuous combustion. It has the characteristics of transparency, brittleness, good sealing, and strong anti-counterfeiting.

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