What properties should a food bag that needs high temperature resistance have?

January 13, 2023

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yltpackaging tells you what properties should a food bag that needs high temperature resistance have?

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1. Choose the right glue. Choose the right VMCPP, VMPET and other special glue for aluminized film compounding. The VMCPP and VMPET of different manufacturers are very different after compounding.

2. Process

① The temperature of the oven and composite roller should be lowered by 5-10°C respectively;

②The temperature of the curing room should not exceed 45°C;

③PET/VMPET/PE(CPP) should be cured for 1-2 hours after the first pass of compounding; then proceed to the second pass of compounding;

④ If the air is dry, please reduce the curing amount by 10%. How to make aluminum foil bag?

Top Quality Food Bag Manufacturer

Top Quality Food Bag Manufacturer

1. The choice of splicing frame The more splicing frames, the lower the cost. Choosing the appropriate specification according to the equipment situation can greatly reduce the loss.

2. Adhesive selection Choose an adhesive with high initial adhesion, high solid content, and good wettability.

3. Process

① The amount of glue applied is about 1.5 times that of the white film. When the printing is full bottom or the printing area is large, the amount of glue applied should be further expanded.

②Cure for 13 hours after the first compounding, and then carry out the second compounding, and the product is cured for 72 hours.

③Aluminum foil does not pass through the flattening roller, but enters into the composite roller face-to-face.

④ Tension control.

⑤The temperature of the oven and composite roll should be raised as much as possible. How to make retort bags? Composite retort pouch film is a comprehensive test for composite operators and equipment. By making retort pouch film, the management level and operation level of the workshop can be comprehensively improved.

1. Material: PET, AL, NY, CPP, glue.

2. Coating amount: 5-5.5g/m2 (135°C) 4.5-5.5g/m2 (121°C)

3. Oven temperature (60°C, 70°C, 80°C), well ventilated, clean environment (one point is a source of damage).

4. Composite roller temperature (80-90°C), composite roller pressure as high as possible.

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