What kind of gold color can we print on the packaging bag?

November 9, 2022

What kind of gold color can we print on the packaging bag?

Client`s requirements: we want to print our logo in gold color and make it to be conspicuous, could you please provide some suggestions? 

Answer: our suggestions are gold foil stamp, gold foil color, gradient golf foil color and gold color. 

  • Gold foil stamp is convex and glossy shinny, it can make your logo very impressive and over the packaging bag. The downside is high cost and can`t print slim line, image and small words.  

Gold foil

  • Gold foil color is very common in the flexible packaging industry. It is lower cost than gold foil stamp and can print any image and words. Usually, our print staff will print gold color without white ink under and then laminate the printed film with silver foil film, the silver foil film makes the color to be metallic and shinny. 

flexible packaging bag

  • Gradient gold foil color is similar with gold foil color but with gradient change of depth. 

Glossy gold foil color

  • Gold color is common in the flexible packaging industry too. The gold ink has gold powder which makes it has metallic effect, it no needs to be laminated with foil film but the metalliceffect isn`t better than gold foil color. 

gold color

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