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January 27, 2023

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PEIt is the abbreviation of polyethylene, which is a kind of thermoplastic resin obtained by polymerization of ethylene. In industry, also includes ethylene and a small amount alpha- Copolymer of olefins; it is a kind of transparent plastic bag, which can be used for packaging of clothing, bags, electronic products, etc.By material:PEDivided intoLDPE,LLDPEandHDPEWait.According to the production process is divided into:PEFlat pockets, Ziplock bags, Zipper bags, Envelope bags, Perforated tote bags, Handle tote bags, Zipper bags,PEmembrane.1,PEThe packaging bag is the simplest manufacturing process. After the film is blown by the machine, it is cut into bags one by one on the bag making machine, and the bottom is sealed.21. The ziplock bag is made of a bone strip when the film is blown by the machine, which can be sealed manually. Unlike zipper bags, these two types of bags are generally easy to confuse.3, zipper bag is made ofPEfilm, add2There are generally wide indentations on both sides of the bag, but the ziplock bag does not. Ziplock bags have less printing colors, while zipper bags can print complex patterns.41. The envelope bag has a tongue like an envelope, and a strip of glue is pasted on the tongue, and the bag can be sealed by folding it over. General clothing is more used. There is also a courier bag is actually a kind of envelope bag.51. The punching bag is to punch a hole in the appropriate position on the top of the flat pocket to facilitate lifting the bag.61. The handle bag is to add a plastic film strip on the top of the bag to facilitate the bag to be lifted. This process consumes labor and the cost is relatively high.7The zipper bag is to install a zipper strip on the bag seal and put a zipper cap on it.8,PEThe film is the film that is not made into a bag after being blown out by the machine. It is also divided into stretch film and shrink film.Commonly used in the market are counting by individual and counting by length (volume). (pieces) small bags are mainly used for packaging of small accessories. Most of the accessory bags of electronic products have anti-static effect. The bag mouth is divided into flat mouth and self-sealing structure. The latter is also called bone pocketPEbone bag) or dense bag;(Roll) bags need to be cut by yourself (for material packaging) and printed incisions (for supermarkets).OtherPEThe plastic wrap of the material can also be calledPEPackaging bags, pay attention to the use of plastic wrap that is in direct contact with foodPEmaterial (otherwise generallypvc), relatively safe for the human body.Resolution method:pvcThe transparency, stretchability and viscosity of the plastic wrap are better thanPEThe plastic wrap is strong.pvcWhen the plastic wrap is burned with fire, the flame will turn black, emit black smoke, have a pungent smell, will not drip oil, and will automatically extinguish after leaving the fire source. andPEWhen the plastic wrap burns, the flame is yellow, odorless, dripping oil, and can continue to burn after leaving the fire source.

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