What is the material of medical paper plastic bags?

July 22, 2022

What is the material of medical paper plastic bags?

Medical paper plastic bags are also called medical sterilization bags or medical disinfection tube bags. A medical sterilization bag is to prevent the items in the bag from receiving bacterial contamination. It is generally fully enclosed and bacteria cannot enter the package.

medical paper plastic bag (2) medical paper plastic bag (3) medical paper plastic bag

Medical sterilization bag manufacturer, generally have below qualification: ISO13485 certification, CFR820 certification, FDA certification, 100000 grade purification workshop, 5000 square meters factory. 

Product Category: 

Blister paper, dialysis paper, plastic bags, aluminum foil bags 

Suitable sterilization and disinfection methods: 

EO ethylene oxide disinfection and sterilization, steam high temperature and high pressure steam humid heat disinfection and sterilization, Gamma cobalt 60 irradiation disinfection and sterilization, plasma sterilization (non-paper). 

Product material: one side of paper (Dupont Tyvek Tyvek paper, French medical dialysis paper, British medical blister paper) + plastic 

Shelf life: 

3 to 5 years 

Principle of action and usage: 

After the medical equipment is packed into the bag, the package is sealed and sterilized.


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