What is the function of the sealing strip of the aluminum foil bag?

March 7, 2022

I believe that the general public is very familiar with packaging bags whether it is in the food industry, the retail industry or the pharmaceutical industry.

Generally, aluminum foil bags are used for food vacuum packaging. And the sealing performance is very important for the aluminum foil bags.

The sealing performance of aluminum foil bags is tighter than that of general product packaging bags, and the shading performance is super strong, and the heat insulation and cold resistance are good, so it is a good choice for food packaging. The sealing strip can be used for packaging of medicine, food, etc. It can be used for cooking or vacuuming. It has better moisture-proof sealing, anti-corrosion and sterilization effect. The aluminum foil seal bag can prolong the shelf life of the product and make the product safer and more hygienic.

Aluminum foil bags have a wide range of uses in daily use, and the effect is better than ordinary vacuum packaging bags. And It is inevitable that it can have a better development space in the packaging market.

aluminum foil bag

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