What is the difference between cooking bags and boiling bags?

January 30, 2023

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What is the difference between a retort bag and a boiled bag? Let’s explain separately what is a retort bag and a boiled bag.First explain the cooking bag.Retort bag, vacuum bag is used to pack all kinds of cooked meat, it is very convenient to use.The material of the retort bag can be usedNY/PE,NY/AL/RCPP,KNY/PE.The characteristics of retort bags: moisture-proof, temperature-resistant, light-shielding, and fragrant.Applicable to: deli food, high-temperature sterilization food, such as: meat, ham, grilled fish, etc.There are three types of retort bag sterilization:The first type: general sterilization, the cooking temperature is100-200℃, sterilization30minutes or soThe second type: high temperature type, the cooking temperature is121℃, sterilization45minutes or soThe third type: high temperature resistant type, the cooking temperature is135℃, sterilization15minutes or soNext, explain the boiled bag.Material of boiled bag: PET/PE BOPA/PE PET/AL/PEThe characteristics of boiled bags: can withstand no higher than105℃ temperature sterilization treatment, good oil resistance, good printability, good heat sealing strength, high impact strength.Boiled bags are sterilized with water. There are two types of boiled bags:The first type: low temperature sterilization, in100Sterilization at ℃ temperature environment30minutes or so.The second type: pasteurization, in85Sterilization at ℃ temperature environment30minutes or so.In short, there is not much difference between retort bags and boiled bags, both of which need to be sterilized.

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