What is suitable gift for the New Year?

February 10, 2022

What is suitable gift for the New Year?

Chinese New Year is coming soon, and of course New Year gifts are indispensable in the festival~ Generally, people may choose gifts that are practical and usable, such as nut gift boxes, coffee, scarves, etc. Of course, while considering the usefulness of these gifts, the exquisite packaging is also one of the factors that everyone considers.

For example, Stand up pouches bags are most commonly considered for nut bags, while the utilization rate of three-side sealing bag and flat bottom bag is relatively low. And the material combination basically tends to MOPP/PETAL/PE or MOPP/Kraft paper/PETAL/PE. But if you want your products to be better displayed in front of the public, can you make a beautiful window or bag Make some changes in the shape?

For coffee bags, the trend is none other than flat bottom bags. For this bag type, the packaging stands very beautifully. After adding a valve, the product can last longer and ensure the original aroma of the coffee. In Chinese, it has a fragrance in the mouth and the original flavor. .

If it were you, would you like such a New Year’s wrapped gift? I think the answer is YES.

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