What is SoftTouch Film?

July 15, 2022

What is SoftTouch Film?

SoftTouch Film is a BOPP matte film with a special plush feel on the surface. When you touch the surface of the material, you can clearly feel the astringent leather feeling.

Compared with the general matte film, SoftTouch Film has the following four characteristics:
1. Has good friction resistance
2. It has excellent color and luster, the color tone will not be lost after lamination, and it is more vivid and soft on black and red solid and large full version of dark color
3, has a special smooth and delicate touch such as velvet
4. High haze, with a more special matte effect, looks more high quality.

SoftTouch Film

As a special material for flexible packaging, due to its expensive price, too soft, and high tension, it is easy to cause excessive loss during production, and the printing color is difficult to control… Therefore, only a few domestic manufacturers dare to undertake such orders, Jmei is an innovative digital flexible packaging printing company that has more than 17 years of experience, after continuous research by the technical team, we finally successfully mastered the “touch film” and gravure printing color, material relationship and compounding, bag making technology and other links Technical essentials, relying on good cooperation with customers and excellent quality, now “Jmei” has become a technical model of “touch film innovative applications”.

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