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What is an easy tear open stand-up bag?

April 29, 2022

What is an easy tear open stand-up bag?

The easy tearing mouth literally means the packaging bag with the opening that is easy to tear off. But sometimes this easy-to-tear mouth is actually very difficult to use, such as when there is water or oil on your hands. Or if the packaging itself is stretched too much, or if the quality of the product is not good, it is difficult to tear it apart, and sometimes I rush to scissors and other tools.

stand-up bag
stand-up bag (2)

Today I will tell you about an easy-to-tear packaging bag. This packaging bag has one more production process than conventional packaging bags. Through laser technology, the surface is treated, and the material inside is continuous, so that the tearing opening has a certain orientation, which is convenient for flat and straight tearing. After tearing, it does not affect the neatness of the packaging bag. This kind of easy-tear packaging is generally used in conjunction with zipper packaging to form an easy-tear zipper packaging bag, which is widely used for packaging food, daily use, etc.

If you are very interested in this easy-tear packaging bag, you can provide samples for research

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