What is an easy-tear film? Which products are suitable for easy tear film?

January 5, 2023

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1. What is an easy-to-tear film “Easy to tear”and”Easy to reveal”It is often confused with packaging film. In fact, the so-called easy tear means that a piece of paper can be torn from the middle, and the gap is straight. The easy-to-remove film is peeled from the surface along the heat cover of the two films. It can be imagined that the two films are heat-sealed together through process treatment. The commonly used easy-to-tear packaging in the market is easy-to-tear film. The full name of easy-to-tear film is thermoformed stretch easy-to-tear film. We are familiar with this kind of packaging for braised eggs.2. Features of easy tear filmThe most prominent feature of the easy-tear film is that it is easy to seal and open. Unlike ordinary plastic, the seal is tight and requires a lot of effort to open, which is very unfriendly to the elderly and children with little strength, and the contents inside are easy to spill. The easy-to-tear film can be easily torn during the opening process, and the tear at the seal is smooth and tidy, which can better protect the internal products and avoid waste.Some friends are worried about the tightness of the easy-tear film product, but after many experiments, it is found that the easy-tear film has good sealing performance, and has excellent characteristics such as high corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, acid hydrolysis resistance, long shelf life, and not affected by harsh weather.At the same time, due to the characteristics of the material, the printing effect of the easy-tear film is very exquisite, and the color is clear and bright, so the packaged products have a very good appearance.Moreover, its low sealing temperature and low n-hexane precipitation are very suitable for high-speed automatic packaging.3. Application of easy tear film 1Cover film packaging. Products packaged with film such as jelly and noodle sauce generally use easy-to-tear film. Because the lid film is different from three-side seal, four-side seal and other packaging bags, the upward opening method and narrow side line make it more difficult to find the focus of the lid film packaging products, and it is more difficult to open. Therefore, it is necessary to apply an easy-tear film. 2,instant food. The easy-to-tear film is easy to use and easy to take, so it is widely used in food, including stewed products, leisure snacks, seasoning packets, solid beverages and other foods, and the easy-to-tear film is mostly used. 3, Supplies for the elderly. The physical strength of the elderly is generally poor, and it is difficult for them to tear products with too much heat sealing strength. They can only open them with scissors and other tools. This problem will not occur in easy-to-tear film packaging, and the elderly can also easily open it, which can be very good Satisfy the sense of accomplishment of the elderly. Therefore, it is recommended that the protein powder and health care products used by the elderly use the easy-to-tear film.

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