What is a composite aluminum foil bag?

March 23, 2022

What is a composite aluminum foil bag?

The composite aluminum foil bag is a packaging product for food, industry and electronics. It is made of a variety of different films through compounding, printing and cutting. The composite aluminum foil bag has low oxygen permeability and good moisture resistance. High tensile strength and puncture resistance. Easy heat sealing, good sealing performance, good vacuuming effect, shading, high temperature resistance, oil resistance, low temperature resistance, etc.

aluminum foil bag

The composite aluminum foil bag has the characteristics of bright luster, good printing effect, environmental protection and non-toxicity, and low cost. It is used in food, seasoning, tea, local products, dry goods, nuts, stationery, gifts and cosmetics, washing supplies, agricultural products packaging, etc.

The composite aluminum foil bag can be roughly divided into a printing layer, a barrier layer and an inner heat sealing layer. Of course, different bag types will be compounded with different materials. After compounding, it needs to be dried in a drying oven, which can make the material and printing pattern stronger.

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