What can the nozzle bag be used for?

August 22, 2022

What can the nozzle bag be used for?

The nozzle bag is a new type of plastic flexible packaging developed on the basis of the stand-up bag. It is mainly divided into two parts, self-supporting and suction nozzle. Self-supporting means that there is a layer of film at the bottom to support standing and the suction nozzle is made of new material PE blow molding. , injection molding, fully meets the food-grade requirements.

This kind of packaging material is the same as an ordinary composite material, but it needs to use the material with the corresponding structure according to the different products to be installed. The aluminum foil nozzle packaging bag is made of aluminum foil composite film. After three or more layers of film are printed, compounded, cut, and other processes to make the packaging bag, the aluminum foil material has excellent performance, it is opaque, silver-white, and has anti-gloss. , Good barrier properties, heat sealing properties, optical shading properties, high/low-temperature resistance, oil resistance, fragrance retention, no peculiar smell, softness, and other characteristics, are deeply loved by consumers, so most manufacturers use aluminum foil on the packaging, Not only practical but also very classy.

Nozzle bags are generally used to package liquids, such as juices, beverages, detergents, milk, soy milk, soy sauce, etc. Due to the various types of nozzles in the nozzle bag, there are long nozzles for jelly, juice, and beverages, nozzles for washing products, and butterfly valves for red wine.

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