What are the types of portable plastic bags, how are they classified, and what are their functions?

December 6, 2022

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Most of the portable plastic bags can be divided into four types: bottom and no side, bottom and side, bottom and side, bottom and no side. Generally, users think of the aesthetics and practicality of plastic handbags and will choose the side style. The main reason is that the side style plastic handbags are more three-dimensional and look more beautiful. And when the plastic bag is placed there, it can stand upright, which is more convenient, and it will not be embarrassing to fall down when it is placed there. Moreover, the trademark or the company’s QR code can be printed on the side to increase the influence of users. In the production process of the handbag, the process used is indeed much more complicated than other types of plastic bags, and after printing, the two handbags are fixed on the plastic bag through related processes. This is the production process of making plastic handbags. In the production process of plastic bags, special attention should be paid to some small details, otherwise the use requirements of plastic handbags will not be met. Due to the need to use three kinds of manual operations in the process of processing, this is the main reason why the price of portable plastic bags is more expensive than other ordinary plastic bags. Therefore, in order to reduce costs, some businesses will also use some relatively simple plastic bags instead.

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