What are the signs on the food packaging bag 【must see】

January 22, 2023

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1. Production license mark “QS”Is the enterprise food production license”Qiyeshipin Shengchanxuke”abbreviation of. The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, according to the basic requirements that food quality must meet to meet safety standards, from raw materials, production equipment, process flow, inspection equipment and capabilities, etc.10This aspect has formulated strict and specific requirements, and only through this at the same time”ten levels”The audited enterprises are allowed to produce food, and the stickers can only be added after passing the inspectionQSLogo enters the market.2. Green food logoIt is China’s general term for pollution-free, safe, high-quality, and nutritious food. my country’s Green Food Development Center has designated green food asALevel andAAALevel two standards.AClass allows limited use of restricted chemical synthetic substances, whileAAAlevel is prohibited.ALevel andAAAThe same level belongs to green food. AAAThe logo and font of the grade green food are green, and the background color is white;AThe grade green food logo and font are white, and the background color is green.3. Organic food logoAlso called ecological or biological food. Organic food is an internationally unified idea of pollution-free natural food. Organic food usually comes from the organic agricultural production system and is produced and processed according to international organic agricultural production requirements and corresponding standards.4. Pollution-free food logoRefers to non-polluting, non-toxic, safe and high-quality food. Pollution-free food is produced in a clean environment, produced according to the specified technical operating procedures, and the harmful substances are controlled within the specified standards, and the logo can only be used if it has passed the authorization, examination and approval of the department.5. Health food logoRefers to the products that have obtained the health food approval document issued by the State Food and Drug Administration and have health functions. It has a little blue hat logo on its package label, also known as”food with a little blue cap”. The State Food and Drug Administration requires that this product has health effects on the human body, has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on various diseases, and can be taken for a long time. Health food is known as”nutritional supplements”.6. Safe drink signIt is registered by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and applies to”safe drink”Product packaging, labels, advertisements, publicity, manuals, etc., are proof signs of beverage safety.7. Organic conversion food logoRefers to the products produced during the period from the beginning of organic management to obtaining organic certification. During this period, certified products must be marked with”China Organic Conversion Products”The words can only be sold. According to relevant national regulations, after organic certification, it takes three years to switch from the production of other foods to organic foods.

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