What are the requirements for the packaging of coffee bags ?

April 11, 2022

What are the requirements for the packaging of coffee bags ?

When we buy coffee in the supermarket, we may find it difficult to choose when faced with all kinds of coffee bags. Then I, Jmei packaging company, will give you a detailed introduction to the packaging requirements of coffee bags!

coffee bags
  1. After coffee beans are roasted, if they are packaged in poor-quality coffee bags, the aroma of the coffee will easily evaporate and be easily affected by odors. Therefore, coffee packaging must avoid the loss of aroma gases from the packaging bag and the absorption of odors from outside the packaging bag. The coffee bag must have a certain function of exhausting and blocking gas.
  2. One-way exhaust, anti-swell bag: After coffee is roasted, carbon dioxide is released.
  3. Block air and prevent oxidation: the oil and aroma components in coffee are easily oxidized when exposed to oxygen.
  4. High temperature resistance: In the case of high temperature, the biochemical reaction and volatilization speed of coffee will be accelerated.

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