What are the main materials of vacuum packaging bags?

September 12, 2022

What are the main materials of vacuum packaging bags?

The material of the vacuum packaging bag we usually use knows that it has the characteristics of moisture resistance and good air permeability, so what kind of performance do we really know about the material? Next, the professional flexible packaging manufacturer Jmei Packaging will do it for you. Introduce the main materials of vacuum packaging bags and composite packaging bags, so that you can have a deeper understanding of vacuum packaging bags. 

1. The main packaging properties of polyethylene are good water and moisture resistance, but poor gas and organic vapor resistance.

It has good chemical stability, does not work with general acid and alkali at room temperature, but has slightly poor oil resistance; has certain mechanical tensile and tear strength, good flexibility; good low-temperature resistance, and can adapt to the freezing of food, however, it has poor high-temperature resistance and generally cannot be used for the packaging of high-temperature sterilized food; the gloss and transparency are not high, and the printing performance is poor. When used as outer packaging, corona treatment and surface chemical treatment are required to improve the printing performance; it is easy to process and form. The products are flexible and diverse, and the heat-sealing performance is very good. PE resin itself is non-toxic and has very few additives, so it is considered to be a very safe packaging material.

2. Main varieties, performance characteristics, and applications of ethylene

(1) High-pressure low-density polyethylene (LDPE) has a linear macromolecular structure with many branches, low crystallinity, and low density, which is 0.91 to 0.94 g/cm3. Therefore, it has poor gas and oil resistance. , The mechanical strength is also low, but the elongation, tear resistance, and impact resistance are good, the transparency is high, and the heat sealability and processing performance are good.

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