What are the inspection standards for food packaging bags?

January 25, 2023

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Food packaging bag inspection standard items:1. Sensory indicators of packaging bags:Color: The layout is consistent with the sample color, the color is uniform, there is no obvious color difference between batches, and there is no impurity.print:1, The pattern cannot run the version. 2, Trademarks, patterns, and text are clear and complete, without ink smearing, loose ink, deinking and surface streaks. 3, diameter greater than1mmThe crystal point, flower point, and black point are not allowed to appear, less than or equal to1mmon the same packaging material does not exceed5indivual.Surface requirements: Slight or intermittent wrinkles are allowed, but not more than the total area5%.Adhesive status: the joints are firmly bonded, no cracking when lightly pulled, and no adhesion between the two layers. There is no sliding between the films when the coil is required to be moved.Airtightness: After the packaging bag is filled and sealed, it is required to be well sealed and airtight.Other requirements: Scratches, burns, air bubbles, perforations, cracks, foreign matter attachment, etc. are not allowed.Flatness, flatness: the bag body is flat without obvious warping. The unevenness of the end surface of the coiled film roll is not greater than3mm.Smell: No peculiar smell, no foul smell.Material: in line with the requirements of the contract.Hygiene: meetGB9863required by the supplierQSCopies of relevant qualifications.2. For the size deviation of the packaging bag:length deviation%:membrane 0 — +0.5;packaging bagbag length≥400, ±1.3mm;bag length<400,±1.5mm.width deviationmm:membrane±2;packaging bag ±2.Thickness deviation%:membrane ±10;packaging bag ±10.Heat seal width deviation%:membrane ±15;packaging bag±15.3. Pressure resistance performance of packaging bags:Bag and content weightloadRequire< 100g 200Nno leakage, no rupture 100-400g 400Nno leakage, no rupture 400-1000g 600Nno leakage, no rupture4. Drop performance of packaging bagsBag and content weightdrop heightRequire< 100g 800mmno leakage, no rupture 100-400g 500mmno leakage, no rupture 400-1000g 300mmno leakage, no ruptureThe above is the inspection standard of food packaging bags. From the sensory index of the packaging bag, the size, the pressure resistance performance of the packaging bag, and the drop performance of the packaging bag, four indicators are used to test the food packaging bag

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