What are the advantages of polyethylene plastic packaging film?

August 1, 2022

What are the advantages of polyethylene plastic packaging film?

polyethylene plastic packaging film is a process of selecting film-grade polyethylene particles and processing them into a fixed film shape with a thickness of 0.002-0.3mm by blowing or casting. 

Different types of plastic packaging films have different properties. 

Here are the standards for reference: 

  1. Protection function

As a packaging material, the protection function of plastic film on commodities is the most important and basic function.

  1. Mechanical protection

To prevent the leakage of goods in the package or the damage and pollution of the goods caused by foreign substances entering the package.

  1. Good welding strength

Weld strength is also a necessary condition for plastic film bags to reliably protect goods.

  1. Barrier performance

Barrier performance refers to the performance of plastic films to prevent oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and other gases from passing through, as well as aroma, water vapor, and other substances. 

  1. Light transmittance and haze

Light transmittance and haze are important indicators to determine the visibility and clarity of the packaged goods, and they have a great relationship with the display effect of the goods.

  1. Gloss

Gloss refers to the reflective ability of the plastic film when exposed to light, expressed as a percentage of the reflected light brightness of the sample in the normal reflection direction relative to the standard surface.

  1. Antistatic

With the rapid development of the electronics industry, the integration of electronic circuit boards is getting higher and higher. Packaging products with antistatic film can prevent electrostatic damage to integrated circuits.

  1. Good smoothness

Good smoothness is conducive to the smooth movement of the film on the packaging production line during packaging and avoids the damage due to excessive resistance during its movement.

  1. High-temperature resistance

It is often necessary to consider the high and low-temperature resistance of the film, such as refrigeration, especially the use of plastic packaging films for frozen food, which needs to have good low-temperature resistance; plastic packaging films for cooking food, which need to have good high-temperature resistance and so on.

  1. Hygienic performance

When packaging food or pharmaceuticals, the selected plastic packaging film must have good hygienic properties and meet the requirements of relevant national hygiene standards to ensure that the plastic film will not cause pollution to the packaged goods.

  1. Airtightness

It has good air tightness and can effectively block the exchange of gas inside and outside the packaging container, which is necessary for most products.

  1. Moisture resistance

Good moisture resistance is a means of effectively protecting commodities. Generally, the moisture resistance of plastic films increases with the increase of thickness and decreases with the decrease of temperature.

  1. Oil resistance

For oily foods, such as sausages, bacon, etc., the packaging film must be oil-resistant, otherwise, the product quality will be affected.

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