What are the advantages of paper-plastic pouch?

March 16, 2022

What are the advantages of paper-plastic pouch?

With the requirements of the world on environmental protection, paper laminated plastic packaging bags slowly enter the right track, so what are the advantages of paper laminated plastic packaging bags? Paper-plastic packaging bag is a high-strength, anti-aging, high-temperature resistant, moisture-proof, breathable, non-toxic and non-hazardous new type of packaging bags. Widely used in packaging food and other industries.

paper-plastic pouch
  1. Moisture-proof

In the process of pressure lamination will form a layer of film in the inner layer of paper-plastic packaging bags, which plays a role of composite bonding and moisture resistance. Other surfaces have many small invisible holes, which can effectively prevent water molecules outside the paper-plastic packaging bags from entering the bag.

  1. anti-aging

As paper is a plant material that is not easy to age, with the characteristics of impervious to light, paper plastic packaging bags inside and outside the paper can effectively protect the paper from aging under ultraviolet radiation, so that the bags together with the characteristics of anti-aging.

  1. Environment Protection

Kraft paper packaging is 100% recycled, which is an important point that kraft paper is superior to other materials packaging. Even for its, kraft paper will soon be degraded in the soil. Unlike plastic packaging is difficult to degrade, resulting in “white pollution” on the soil and the environment to cause destructive effects.

Environment Protection

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