We need to use safe food packaging materials

January 6, 2023

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There is an old saying”people depend on food”, It can be seen that the importance of food in people’s lives, when people buy food, they often use food packaging bags.A simple description of food packaging materials: composite printing is performed on food packaging materials. Food packaging is widely used in daily life. People should pay special attention to the selection of food packaging bags and their potential pollution. Self-prevention such as perishable lunch boxes, out-of-season foods, bulk foods, and high-risk vegetables.When purchasing food packaging, the location should be guarded”street workshop”, Out-of-season food must be guarded against”different”, the way of selling should be guarded against”scattered”, choose raw materials to prevent”Fake”, eating habits”single”,keep away”high risk vegetables”. When using food packaging such as disposable lunch boxes, be sure to look for the logo that represents food quality and safety market access. QSLogo, numbers representing plastic categories, and a triangle symbol representing recyclability. If there are no such signs, consumers should not only refuse to use them, but also report the situation to the relevant departments in a timely manner.

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