Unique requirements for eight-side-seal packaging bag printing

January 5, 2023

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In order to make food packaging bags exquisite and attract consumers’ attention. It is essential to have it printed beautifully. Generally speaking, the color printing of packaging bags of one material is one layout, such as stand-up bags and three-side sealed bags. However, the printing of eight-side sealed bags is different from other bag types and has its own special features.1. The total number of sides that can be printed on the eight-side seal bag is5, which is more than any other bag. If it is unfolded, it can be divided into two layouts for printing, the front, back, and bottom, these three sides are used as a layout; the left and right sides are used as a layout. It can be seen from this that the printing cost of the eight-side sealed bag is higher than that of other bag types.2. The eight-side seal bag has more printing display surfaces. In addition to the flat front and back sides, it can be printed and displayed with exquisite patterns; Although the side is not so smooth, it can print the list of ingredients, nutritional information, etc. that must be printed.3. The process and attention to details of eight-side sealing bag printing are no different from other packaging bag color printing. The ink should be uniform and not too thick; the solvent should be fully evaporated to avoid odor; the positioning should be precise, and the graphics and text should be clear and layered; these are all the same.

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