These problems often occur in the processing of food bags

May 30, 2022

These problems often occur in the processing of food bags

During the processing of food bags, problems such as breakage of food bags and brittle seals often occur. So what is the reason for the damaged food bag?

Reason: Sometimes the heat sealing temperature of the food bag is low and the heat sealing strength is low, but it can also meet the requirements of customers and the packaging is not damaged. In the case of higher heat sealing temperature, the heat sealing strength is higher, but in the drop test, the food bag is damaged. This phenomenon shows that when the heat-sealing temperature is high, the polyethylene inner film with heat-sealing function becomes thin and brittle under high-temperature melt extrusion under the heat-sealing pressure, which leads to damage in the drop test.

Treatment method: In the process of food packaging, appropriate heat sealing temperature and pressure should be set.

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