These marks reflected on the surface of the food bag must be something you don’t know

December 13, 2022

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Every time you go shopping in the supermarket, you will see countless food bags. When you choose food bag packaging, you always look at the product name and taste of the food bag. Is this kind of packaged food suitable for your own consumption? Basically, I just read some of these contents, and few people pay attention to other contents. In fact, this kind of observation is not enough. There are many labels on the food bags that need to be paid attention to, and special attention is required. So what are the important labels on the food bag? First, the manufacturer of the food bag, the production date, if the date on the food bag is not within the shelf life, then the food is an expired product. Such products cannot be used for consumption. Expired products may have gone bad, so pay special attention to the production date on the food bag. Of course, manufacturers also need to pay attention. Pay special attention to the QS mark on the food bag, any of the three above the food bag is indispensable. The QS mark is what we call the production license mark, and it is also very important. If any one of the signs on the above food bags is missing, it is a substandard product. Therefore, we need to pay special attention when purchasing, for ourselves and for our health. Well, today I will share it here. If you don’t understand anything in your life, or need to know more about food bags, please feel free to let me know. The editor will often share some knowledge about food bags with you, and answer some questions about food bags.

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