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The role of the one-way exhaust valve in the coffee bag

September 5, 2022

The role of the one-way exhaust valve in the coffee bag

Coffee bags are used as packaging bags for coffee beans and coffee powder. Among many products, customers not only pay attention to the brand awareness of coffee itself but also to the packaging design of coffee bags is also a very important factor that affects their purchase. More importantly, how can customers buy high-quality coffee without opening the package? Very simple, that is to see if there is a one-way exhaust valve installed on the coffee bag! 1. Since the roasted coffee beans will generate carbon dioxide, this air valve can discharge the carbon dioxide into the bag, and can also prevent the oxygen outside the bag from entering the bag to oxidize the beans, thereby ensuring the fresh quality of the coffee and eliminating the resulting air pollution. Risk of swelling or bursting of the coffee bag. 2. In addition, the air valve is installed on the coffee bag, so the customer can directly squeeze the bag when purchasing, and the aroma of the coffee can be directly transmitted from the bag to let the customer smell its aroma so that the customer can better confirm the freshness of the coffee ( quality). So it is very important to install a one-way exhaust valve on the coffee bag

one-way exhaust valve in the coffee bag

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