The rice bag is very difficult to open, as long as this method, you can easily open the rice bag

December 23, 2022

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When we buy rice, sometimes we choose a whole bag of rice in bags, and then we buy it home and then slowly disassemble it, and take out the rice inside for consumption. When unpacking the rice bag, we will see a lot of cutting directly with a knife, and then take out the rice inside the rice bag. This is indeed simple and rude, but the disadvantage of this is that the rice bag will be very ugly. It affects the appearance very much, and in this case, the rice bag will be scrapped. After the rice is used up, the rice bag can only be thrown away. In fact, if the rice bag is complete, we can still use it to hold things sometimes. So how to open the rice bag, some rice bags are really difficult to open, is there any technique that can be used in this process? Speaking of this, the editor will share with you the technique of removing the rice bag. This technique can be applied to all rice bags. As long as you learn this trick, it can be said that it is very clear when removing the rice bag. Before we disassemble it, we can look at the rules of the packaging line of the rice bag. One side of the packaging line is composed of a single line, and the side of the double line is a combination of two or more lines. Remember this sentence when removing the stitches, single thread to the person, from the right hand side to the left hand side.

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