The rice bag full of rice is pierced, will it affect the rice in the rice bag?

December 22, 2022

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Xiao Zhang is a full-time mother, and she is usually very busy, because she has to take care of the children and buy things for the family. It can be said that I broke my heart for this family. Xiao Zhang has a child, this child is very naughty, Xiao Zhang has to be extra careful every time he takes the little guy out. If it’s because of a little negligence that he didn’t take care of it, the little guy will get into trouble again. Some time ago, the little guy made trouble again, the thing is like this, because Xiao Zhang had no rice at home, he took the little guy to the supermarket to buy things, when Xiao Zhang bought rice, the little guy didn’t know where to find the toothpick , I pierced those rice bags, and tied a lot of rice bags at once. Because these rice bags are pierced with a hole, some rice bags have a good sealing effect, and it will be obvious if a hole is fried. Where did the little guy tie the rice bags? He was very happy when he was making the rice bags. When the little guy was trying to tie the rice bags, he was discovered by the supermarket staff. Later, Xiao Zhang was required to buy all the rice bags tied by the little guy. This amount was not small. In the end, the supermarket staff calculated that there were almost forty rice bags tied. In the end, Xiao Zhang was so angry that the little guy got into trouble. He bought all the rice and ate it for a year, and the whole family couldn’t finish it. This incident tells us that parents who take their children out, especially some naughty ones, must pay more attention, otherwise they will cause trouble. This time Xiao Zhang’s little guy tied a rice bag in the supermarket is a good lesson. The little guy is really enjoying the rice bag, but the consequence of this is that he has to buy so much rice.

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