The main reason for the irritating odor of vegetable anti-fog bags is revealed!

December 29, 2022

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When using vegetable anti-fog bags, I encountered some particularly unpleasant smells, and even some vegetable anti-fog bags have a very pungent smell, especially when buying food, like this pungent smell What are the main reasons for vegetable anti-fog bags? In fact, these vegetable anti-fog bags have peculiar smell, and the culprit of the pungent taste is caused by the irregular use of raw materials of vegetable anti-fog bags. Generally, this kind of material is relatively low in cost, and it is made of some materials that are recycled and reused after use, which is the so-called recycled material. So knowing that this material has a smell, why do people still use it? The main reason for this is to reduce the cost price. However, if we buy vegetables in anti-fog bags with peculiar smell, we must not buy them. It is still very harmful to our bodies, after all, health comes first.

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