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The hazards of unqualified vacuum bags

March 14, 2022

The hazards of unqualified vacuum bags

Food vacuum bags are generally made of PE composite nylon material, and pure aluminum materials are generally used for cooked food.

Food vacuuming is mainly conducive to the storage of food and keeps the food fresh. Inhibits the reproduction of microorganisms such as bacteria. For some soft items, the volume can be reduced after vacuum packaging. Therefore, the packaged items can achieve the characteristics of “four defenses, two provinces, and one quality assurance”: moisture-proof, mildew-proof, pollution-proof, oxidation-proof, volume saving, freight saving, and extended storage period.

vacuum bags

And what is the harm of unqualified vacuum bags? Unqualified vacuum packaging bags will affect the color, aroma, taste and other quality of food, which is not conducive to the marketing of food. Unqualified food vacuum packaging bags will deteriorate the food, just like sour rice and sour vegetables. You can imagine what effect it will have on the body. And unqualified vacuum bags produce toxic substances that contaminate the food and cause serious damage to the body of the consumer. Therefore, the quality of food vacuum packaging bags is very harmful.

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