The harm of non-degradable mass plastics -Biodegradable plastic bags popularized

June 13, 2022

The harm of non-degradable mass plastics -Biodegradable plastic bags popularized

The harm of non-degradable mass plastics to the planet:

(1) It takes two hundred years to rot. It takes about two hundred years for plastic bags to be buried in the ground to rot, which will seriously pollute the soil; if the incineration method is adopted, harmful smoke and toxic gases will be produced, which will pollute the environment for a long time.

(2) It affects the normal respiration of soil. The plastic bag itself is not one of the basic substances of soil and water. After forcibly entering the soil, due to its own airtightness, it will affect the heat transfer inside the soil and the growth of microorganisms, thereby changing the characteristics of the soil. The accumulation of these plastic bags for a long time will also affect the absorption of nutrients and water by crops, resulting in reduced crop yields.

(3) It is easy to cause animal ingestion. Plastic bags discarded on the ground and water are easily swallowed by animals as food, and plastic bags cannot be digested in the stomach of animals, which can easily lead to body damage and death of animals.

The emergence of biodegradable plastic bags not only expands the functions of plastics, but also alleviates and inhibits environmental conflicts to a certain extent, which is a supplement to petroleum resources, and demonstrates the use of biotechnology and alloying technology in plastic materials from the perspective of synthesis technology. Its power and prospects in the field, its development has become a hot spot of research and development in the world.

Biodegradable plastic bags have advantages over traditional plastic bags in terms of performance, practicality, degradability, and safety.

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