The certificate of conformity on the food bag packaging is so important

December 18, 2022

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In the current market, as long as it is a qualified food bag, after the food bag leaves the factory, relevant departments will conduct relevant inspections on the food bag. Only after waiting for the food bag to pass the inspection, will there be a relevant certificate of conformity. Only qualified food bags can enter the market for sale. If it is an unqualified food bag, it cannot enter the market for sale. Therefore, the certificate of conformity on the packaging of the food bag is very important. Only after the certificate of conformity can it be proved that the food bag is a qualified product. Only when we use it can we rest assured and use it with peace of mind. Because the food bag is in direct contact with the food, the quality of the food bag determines the safety of the food. Therefore, in the enterprises involved in food, the audit is very strict. If there are serious consequences, the food bag manufacturer will have corresponding punishment. If the food bag fails to pass the inspection, if the food bag that has not passed the inspection is sold to the market, then the food bag manufacturer will face severe punishment. There is also the risk of the possible revocation of the business license. Therefore, food bag manufacturers pay special attention to the pass rate of food bags, and some standardized food bag manufacturers pay more attention to the quality of food bags. If it is spot-checked because of a little defect, not only will the reputation accumulated by oneself plummet, but there is also the risk of the business license being revoked.

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