Tasty Nut Food Bags Made of New Plastic Granular Material

May 13, 2022

Tasty Nut Food Bags Made of New Plastic Granular Material

Delicious nut food bags, made of new plastic granule material, without recycled materials and fillers, feel smooth and not rough, colorful printing, bright colors, visually satisfying customers. Tasty Nut Grocery Bag This self-adhesive grocery bag is similar to a flat pocket with the addition of a seal. Self-adhesive food bags are mainly used for clothing inventory packaging, gift packaging, small commodity packaging, etc. Some self-adhesive food bags have perforated clips on the top, which are mainly used to hang on shelves for easy sales and visits.

Food Bags
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There are two ways to print self-adhesive food bags, one is inner printing, and the other is desktop printing. According to the needs of using different printing methods, if you do not want the ink to fall off and adhere to the product, then use the desktop printing process. If the printing surface is large or you want the surface to be smooth and transparent, then use the inner printing method, because the self-adhesive food bag Adhesion on the printed side is very poor, only printing on the inside will not be affected.

Grocery bags greatly increase the number of brand displays and leave a deeper impact on customers. For food packaging, copperplate printing, the pattern is clear and no ghosting. The product has a large gold content, does not cut corners, pulls hard, does not deform or crack, and has high bearing capacity.

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