Sterilization method and principle of food high temperature cooking bag

January 16, 2023

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As the pace of modern society accelerates, meat product packaging bags are a big demand in modern society. Meat product packaging bags generally use high-barrier packaging materials (general selection of three-layer structure:PET/pure aluminum/CPP,PPET/PA/CPPTwo, general selection of four-layer structurePET/pure aluminum/PA/CPP). And it needs to be sterilized to ensure that the shelf life can be extended during storage and transportation.Due to the characteristics of meat-based food, it is necessary to sterilize the food at high temperature. Now the commonly used sterilization methods are: high temperature and high pressure sterilization and low temperature and atmospheric pressure sterilization. The two sterilization methods have their own advantages. The heating temperature of the low temperature sterilization method is low, so the fiber of the meat is not destroyed, so the taste of the meat is fresh and tender, and various nutrients are well preserved; but the problem is that the low temperature is only After killing the pathogenic bacteria, there will still be a large number of spoilage bacteria in the food, so the shelf life of the food will be shorter than that of high-temperature sterilization, and it will easily cause product loss during transportation. Compared with the low-temperature sterilization method, the high-temperature sterilization method, because the heating temperature is high, the fiber of the meat will shrink excessively, so the taste will not be as good as the meat products processed by the low-temperature sterilization method. The only advantage is that the high-temperature sterilization method will kill Killing all bacteria can eliminate food spoilage germs, thus greatly extending the shelf life of food.After the meat food is cooked and sterilized, the bag may bulge during the processing of meat products and when the finished meat product is cooled. There are many reasons for the bag swelling, and the reasons should be found in a targeted manner and different countermeasures should be taken method to solve the problem. First of all, it is necessary to control a certain pressure in the sterilization equipment to balance it with the pressure in the packaging, so that the required sterilization temperature can be quickly reached. Secondly, it may not only be a matter of equipment temperature, positive and negative pressure, but may also be related to temperature. The higher the temperature, the more severe the expansion. Therefore, it is reasonable to reduce the temperature while prolonging the sterilization time to achieve complete sterilization, as well as during food transportation. Safety, etc., the detailed process management of these processing is very important.

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