Some Tips for Choosing Qualified Aluminum Foil Bags

January 30, 2023

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Aluminum foil bags are generally divided into industrial aluminum foil bags and credit aluminum foil bags. Industrial aluminum foil bags are mainly used in electronics, daily necessities, etc., and their material requirements may be slightly lower. However, if it is an aluminum foil bag for food packaging, it requires food-grade, odorless, non-hazardous, and non-polluting packaging bags. The food aluminum foil bag is also made of a variety of materials. When selecting materials, it is necessary to choose environmentally friendly materials. For example, if you need strong stretchability, you can consider nylon material. Different materials have different characteristics, which can be selected according to customer requirements.On the other hand, aluminum foil bags are generally printed with some colorful patterns according to customer requirements. In terms of ink selection, they also need to be non-polluting. The aluminum foil bags used for inner packaging should reduce printing as much as possible, which can reduce costs on the one hand and reduce pollution on the other.Printing lifelike colors will definitely attract the attention of customers, but the ink itself has a certain degree of pollution, so the printed packaging bags need to reduce the printed colors as much as possible, which can reduce costs and reduce pollution. Why not do it.

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