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Six tips in the production process of packaging bags

January 13, 2023

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1. Tips for ink mixing 1, What hue is lacking and what hue is the ink. For example, in orange ink, a small amount of red can be added when the red is visually lacking. 21. When removing more hues in a certain hue, the principle of complementary colors should be correctly applied. In production practice, sometimes in order to make the white whiter, a small amount of ultramarine (1%Left and right), used to eliminate the yellow in the white can achieve the purpose; and as long as a small amount of titanium blue is added to the black ink, the yellow tone in the black ink can be eliminated. 31. When making light-colored ink, add colored ink to white ink instead of adding white ink to colored ink. The covering power of white ink is very strong. If you add too much, it will quickly dilute the color; when preparing dark-colored ink, you must Add black ink to color ink, but never add color ink to black ink, because the coloring power of black ink is very strong, if you accidentally add too much, you need to add a lot of color ink to adjust the color. 4, When observing the color sample, it is best to carry out under the standard light source, and use the same bottom plate.2. Tips for plate installation 1, Check the network cable and the layout to ensure that there is no bruise, no scratch, and no chromium drop. Pay attention to the loading direction and position to ensure that the vertical alignment is basically correct. 21. When installing the plate, special attention should be paid to checking the cleanliness of the stuffy cover and the plug to prevent assembly errors caused by foreign objects. Care should be taken to avoid damage to the layout. 3, Low-speed operation, check whether the plate roller is eccentric, it is the unbalanced rotation caused by assembly error.3. Manual addressing tipsWhen the color code is vertically reversed, select the leftmost group of signals; when the color code is vertically reversed, select the rightmost group of new numbers.Four, mature judgment tips 11. The curing time refers to the continuous curing time, not the cumulative time after intermittent curing. Generally, it is not necessary to wait for the main agent and the curing agent to fully react before fully curing. However, some cooking bags for emergency production, that is, the customer will use them immediately, need to be matured In general, although the peel strength of the packaging bags produced by these two methods is not much different, the temperature resistance and corrosion resistance are quite different. 2, According to the state of the adhesive after the curing is complete, it can be judged whether the ratio of the curing agent and the main agent is appropriate. If the adhesive is not dry, it indicates that the content of the curing agent is too small. If the adhesive is hard and brittle, Indicates that the content of curing agent is too high.5. Tips for checking whether the tension matches when compoundingStop during the compounding process, and use a blade to draw a cross on the composite film at the winding position. The most ideal state is that the composite film remains flat after scratching. If the composite film curls in a certain direction, it means that the tension of this layer of film is too high, and the tension of this layer of film should be appropriately reduced or the tension of another layer of film should be increased.6. Tips for setting heat sealing temperature during bag makingWhen setting the heat-sealing temperature, it is also necessary to consider the influence of factors such as the thickness of the heat-sealing film, heat-sealing cloth and composite materials of different structures, such asPE80Single-layer film heat sealing temperature is120℃, the temperature barrier of the general heat-sealing cloth is40~60around ℃,PET12/A17The barrier to temperature is20°C,NY15The barrier to temperature is15℃, that is, due to the influence of material structure and heat-sealing cloth, the finalPET12/A17/PE80The heat seal set temperature is185°C,NY15/PE80The heat sealing temperature is180℃.

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