Self-sealing plastic bags were originally mainly used in these industries

December 4, 2022

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Self-sealing plastic bags are mainly used in some hardware industries, some screw products, and some parts are packaged using this relatively small self-sealing plastic bag for packaging. The materials of self-sealing plastic bags that are more common in our daily life mainly include PE and EVA. Of course, there are also multi-layer self-sealing plastic bags, which are mainly used for packaging some electronic products or electronic components. Most of the self-sealing plastic bags are made by two processes. One kind of production process is blown film forming and bag simultaneous blowing out. Most of this process is shaped at one time. Compared with other processes, this The advantage of the process is that the cost is relatively low, and it is also the mainstream process of self-sealing plastic bags at present. Another process is to adsorb the plastic bag on the bag when making the plastic bag. Generally, this process is used when sealing. In the packaging of most high-end products, the materials used for self-sealing plastic bags are relatively more EVA materials. This kind of self-sealing plastic bag is not produced by machinery, but mainly by mold. It is also because it is a ziplock bag produced by a mold, so the appearance of this ziplock plastic bag is better, but the cost is relatively higher.

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