Seasoning sauce packaging bags are easy to break and fade?

January 11, 2023

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Seasoning sauce is a seasoning that is often used in people’s lives, and its packaging mainly includes bottled and bagged. Bottled seasoning sauces are larger in size and higher in price, which cannot meet the needs of one person, which provides room for development of seasoning sauce in bags. However, in actual production and use, it is found that seasoning sauce packaging bags are prone to fading problems, and the bag breaking rate is higher than other packaging. What’s going on?1. Reasons for broken bags and discoloration of seasoning sauce packaging bagsSeasoning sauce will contain organic oil substances. If the inner membrane of the packaging bag has poor impermeability, the oil will penetrate the inner membrane to erode the adhesive, causing the seasoning sauce to break the bag.The fading of seasoning sauce packaging bags is mainly because the sauce is darker in color, and the sauce color will make the ink look darker through the ink color. In addition, the salt and oil in the sauce products corrode the outer layer and erode the printing ink, causing the packaging bags to fade.2. The method of avoiding the bag breaking and discoloration of seasoning sauce packaging bags 13. Choose materials with strong anti-permeability, oil resistance, gas resistance, and salt erosion resistance. The fat and salt in seasoning sauce are corrosive to a certain extent. Therefore, in the selection of materials, two-component polyurethane adhesive should be used for compounding due to the inner membrane with strong permeability resistance. At the same time, the adhesive and The composite curing time is long, reducing the shedding of the composite film and avoiding ink erosion. 2, Thicken the heat seal layer. Food with liquid will affect the heat-sealing effect to a certain extent. In order to avoid contamination of the sealing part of the packaging bag, the heat-sealing performance of the heat-sealing layer should be improved, and the heat-sealing layer can be appropriately increased to reduce the damage rate of the packaging bag. 3Anti-oxidation. Sauces and liquid condiments are deeply processed and are more afraid of oxidation. The packaging bags should block oxygen intrusion and maintain high oxygen resistance.

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