Product characteristics of vacuum packaging bags

January 19, 2023

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The main function of vacuum air-filled packaging is not only the function of oxygen preservation, but also the function of anti-pressure, air-blocking and fresh-keeping. It can effectively keep the original color, fragrance, taste, shape and quality of food for a long time. nutritional value. In addition, many foods are not suitable for vacuum packaging but must be packed with vacuum inflation. Such as crispy and fragile food, food that is easy to agglomerate, food that is easy to deform and lose oil, food with sharp edges or high hardness that will puncture the packaging bag, etc. After the food is vacuum-packed, the inflation pressure inside the packaging bag is stronger than the atmospheric pressure outside the packaging bag, which can effectively prevent the food from being crushed and deformed under pressure without affecting the appearance and appearance of the packaging bag.Print decoration. Vacuum inflatable packaging is filled with nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen single gas or two after vacuumA mixture of three gases. The nitrogen gas is an inert gas, which acts as a filling to maintain a positive pressure in the bagto prevent the air outside the bag from entering the bag, and protect the food. Nitrogen dioxide could be melt easily into the fats or water, and the light carbonic acid brought up by this melting restrains some mircobials like mold and putrefactive bacteria. Its oxygen can inhibit the growth and reproduction of anaerobic bacteria, keep fruits and vegetables fresh and colorful, and high concentration of oxygen can keep fresh meat bright red.Advantages of using vacuum bagsHigh barrier: Utilize the high barrier properties of different plastic materials to co-extrude films to achieve high barrier effects on oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, and odors.Stable performance: oil resistance, moisture resistance, low temperature freezing resistance, quality preservation, freshness preservation, odor preservation, can be used for vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging, and inflatable packaging.Low cost: Compared with glass packaging, aluminum foil packaging and other plastic packaging, to achieve the same barrier effect, co-extrusion film has a greater advantage in cost. Due to the simple process, the cost of the produced film product can be reduced compared with dry composite film and other composite films10-20%4Flexible specifications: can meet your different needs for different products.High strength: The co-extruded film has the characteristics of stretching during processing. After the plastic is stretched, the strength can be increased accordingly. Plastic materials such as nylon and polyethylene can also be added in the middle to make it have a composite strength exceeding that of ordinary plastic packaging. There is delamination and peeling phenomenon, good flexibility and excellent heat sealing performance.Small volume ratio: co-extruded film can be vacuum shrink-wrapped, and the volume-to-volume ratio is close to100%, which is unmatched by glass, tin cans and paper packaging.No pollution: no binder is added, no residual solvent pollution problem, green and environmental protection.Moisture-proof vacuum packaging bag+anti-static+Explosion-proof+Corrosion+insulation+energy saving+single perspective+UV protection+low cost+Volume ratio is small+pollution-free+High barrier effect.

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