Plastic packaging printing standards

June 10, 2022

Plastic packaging printing standards

As a professional company in the flexible packaging industry, how much do you know about plastic packaging printing standards? Jmei has compiled the following industry standards, maybe it can be helpful to you.

Plastic packaging printing standards

1. Specification and quality requirements

①Finished product specification: if the plastic film bag is more than 100200mm, the allowed error is ±4mm.

If shorter than 100200mm, the allowed error is ±3mm.

②Pattern position (width): the allowable error below 100mm is 2mm; The allowable error greater than 100-200mm is 3mm; The allowable error greater than 200-400mm is 4mm.

③Ink color: The hue is correct, bright, uniform and bright.

④Overprint: Overprint is accurate, and the error is not more than 0.3mm.

⑤Reticulate: The pattern is clear and clearly structured.

⑥Text lines: clear and complete, not deformed.

⑦Sealing: flat, firm, good sealing and air-tight.

⑧Composite: Uniform, firm, wrinkle-free, no bubbles, only one bubble with a diameter of no more than 1mm in the secondary part within 250px2.

⑨Appearance: The finished product is clean and flat, no obvious dirt is allowed.

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