Low carbon action – Chapter No.4.3

May 16, 2022

Low carbon action – Chapter No.4.3

4.The opinions and suggestions of packaging and printing professionals on how to develop the packaging and printing industry in the low-carbon era

Gao Dequan:

I have recently paid special attention to news and reports on the establishment of waste incineration power plants. There was a heated debate between the two factions in favor of building a factory and those opposed to it. The focus of the debate is mainly on the problem of environmental pollution and carcinogenicity caused by waste incineration. The most typical example is that the waste incineration power plant project originally planned to be built in Panyu, Guangdong was stopped. Waste incineration produces environmental pollution and causes cancer. I think it is related to the large amount of chlorine-containing packaging materials contained in the incinerated waste. Since my country’s current garbage classification is still very insufficient, if all kinds of garbage including chlorine-containing packaging materials are sent to the garbage incineration power plant, the problem of carcinogenic dioxins will inevitably be generated after incineration. In the low-carbon era, the key to our packaging industry’s actions is to choose the production and use of environmentally friendly packaging materials.

Chen Guangshi, Deputy General Manager of Wuhu Xinpingxing Packaging Industry Co., Ltd.:

Some people think that the low-carbon economy has nothing to do with us, but I personally find it a little weird. The packaging industry is the industry most closely related to the development of the national economy. If the entire economy is to take the development path of energy conservation, environmental protection, and carbon emission reduction, packaging must keep up. Based on the consideration of environmental protection, Japan, Taiwan and other regions have expressly banned the use of PVC on food packaging. It is conceivable that it will be a matter of time before China’s legislation prohibits the use of some unenvironmentally friendly films. In this regard, I think packaging companies should be psychologically prepared to pay more attention to alternative products with good performance and environmental protection as much as possible.

Low carbon action - Chapter No.4.3
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