Low carbon action – Chapter No.4.1

May 3, 2022

Low carbon action – Chapter No.4.1

4.The opinions and suggestions of packaging and printing professionals on how to develop the packaging and printing industry in the low-carbon era.

The products involved in the packaging industry are mainly printing materials, composite materials, self-adhesive and coating materials widely used in food, medicine, decorative materials and other industries. The main production processes are printing, coating and compounding, printing ink, compound adhesive The agent should be diluted with solvent when used, and the product should be dried with hot air after printing or gluing. Most of the hot exhaust gas with solvent is directly discharged to the outdoors, which seriously pollutes the environment and endangers people’s health. It is wasteful and polluting to waste money, which is the current general situation.

In response to the low-carbon era, what should packaging companies do to speed up the pace of energy conservation and emission reduction, not only environmental protection, but also cost savings for themselves and achieve a win-win situation? Let us listen to industry insiders’ suggestions on packaging design concepts, packaging equipment, processes, materials and development ideas that packaging companies should pay attention to in the low-carbon era.

Chen Xirong, director of the Expert Committee of the Paper Committee of China Packaging Federation:

Throughout the development of packaging industry in international packaging powerhouses, large-scale, low energy consumption, and emphasis on scientific research investment are their common characteristics. From the perspective of the international situation, the low-carbon economy is expected to become a new economic growth point. In China, it has also been highly valued and supported by national policies. Now all parts of the country are accelerating the adjustment of industrial structure, and the enthusiasm for the entire low-carbon industry is particularly high. high.

In the implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction, many high-tech environmental protection technologies, products, materials and equipment are involved. At the same time, it is also necessary to clarify the emission indicators of packaging waste gas, waste, waste water and carbon dioxide, to classify and formulate category safety standards for the limit of harmful elements and migration limit, to establish a mechanism for energy conservation, consumption reduction and emission reduction of the whole society; to establish a zero-emission demonstration factory. We can feel the country’s determination and strength to build a low-carbon economy and adjust the energy industry structure from the policy level. China’s packaging industry should also speed up the construction of an industry characterized by low-carbon emissions to form a low-carbon economic circle for China’s packaging.

Low carbon action
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