Low carbon action – Chapter No.2

April 25, 2022

Low carbon action – Chapter No.2

Take the step of energy saving and environmental protection from the packaging design

It can be said that the environmental protection situation is becoming more and more urgent. In fact, for environmental protection, “green packaging” is no longer a new concept. In fact, Chinese packaging companies have made efforts to this end, and energy conservation and environmental protection have become a consensus.

Low carbon action

At the 17th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition “Adsale Cup” Environmental Protection Packaging Grand Prix, 168 works from all over the country participated in the competition, which to some extent demonstrated the environmental protection awareness of Chinese packaging enterprises. (For the appreciation of the winning works, please refer to page 38 of this journal)

When the judges reviewed these works, they were most impressed by the efforts made by Chinese packaging companies in environmental protection. One of the judges, Guo Xiangqian, a professional skill appraisal expert for “packaging designers” from the Guangdong Provincial Labor Department, said: “From the review works, designers and manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the development and research of environmentally friendly materials; Recycling in subsequent links; application of environmental protection design concepts such as secondary use and pollution-free.”

Fung Man Wai, Chairman of the Macau Designers Association, said: “Basically all the entries can successfully express the environmental protection concept of this competition. Many of the works have excellent integration in terms of material, structure, art and practicality. ”

Shang Hua, vice president of Guangdong Commercial Art Design Industry Association, also affirmed the work: “This work has a good sense of innovation and environmental protection concepts. Among them, the structural design is diversified, and the packaging of zongzi with no sticker structure is particularly prominent. The material-based foldable multi-purpose turnover box not only has a simple structure and environmentally friendly materials, but also has a unique and beautiful appearance design and color design, which is perfect.”

Huang An, a senior packaging design expert in Hong Kong: “The overall performance is better in terms of saving paper or improving the structure. Relatively speaking, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the coordination of design ideas and environmental protection functions.”

Li Xiangrong, deputy director of the Design Professional Committee of China Packaging Federation, said: “Low carbon, emission reduction, and energy saving are the environmental protection policies that the government is currently vigorously promoting, which is reflected in packaging products to reduce waste, reduce pollution, lightweight, and degradable. Renewable, recyclable, etc. We use these standards to evaluate packaging in this Grand Prix, which is different from the conventional standards such as beauty and practicality in the past. This is the inevitable trend of packaging design and production in the future. We have seen many excellent Cases of environmental protection design. In particular, structural design drives lightweight, pollution reduction, regeneration, and reuse. For example, air freshener pulp molded paper trays, environmentally friendly paper trays, and paper skateboards are all driven by environmentally friendly materials. Lightweight, can be Degradation is good.”

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