Introduction to the technical characteristics of vacuum packaging bags

January 10, 2023

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1. Preparation of packaging materials.When choosing vacuum packaging materials, the following factors need to be considered:

①Maintenance function of vacuum packaging materials

a. Gas barrier property: Even if the vacuuming process is successful for packaging materials with poor gas barrier properties, when exposed to the air, the oxygen in the air can easily re-enter the vacuumed packaging bag, which loses the vacuum packaging effect. Some effect. On the other hand, for some scented contents, the entry of air and the overflow of aroma in the package will reduce customer satisfaction with the product.

b. Water vapor resistance: For some products with high drying performance requirements, the entry of water vapor will make it from brittle to soft, and some items that are afraid of freezing can form a relatively ideal temperature through self-breathing in a vacuum environment. If the water vapor property is not good, it will cause frostbite due to the invasion of external cold air.

c. Opaque Vapor: Light, like oxygen, will accelerate the aging of contents. For products that require a longer shelf life, some measures can be taken to shade, such as printing patterns on the outer packaging and using ink to shade. It can also improve the decoration effect; it can also be specially coated with a layer of coloring material on the outside of the package, regardless of the decoration; or coated with a layer of polyvinylidene chloride, polyvinylidene chloride can also absorb ultraviolet light, further play a role Sterilization effect: Some vacuum packaging is coated with a layer of metal or aluminum foil. The above methods can play a good role in shading.

d. Mechanical properties: The packaging material is easy to form and seal, and must have good tear resistance, and the seal must have the ability to resist damage.

②The package is easy to open

③The performance of the packaging material is stable and ambiguous, it will not react with the contents, nor will it affect the taste of the contents.

④Wide applicability of materialsVacuum packaging materials made of only one raw material can only meet limited requirements, so packaging materials made of multiple materials are often used.

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2. Put the product into the vacuum bag and put it into the vacuum chamber of the vacuum packaging machine.

3. Close the upper cover of the vacuum packaging machine, and the machine starts to vacuum. For vacuum packaging machines, if the output is small, you can buy a single-pump continuous vacuum packaging machine if the output is large. When vacuuming, the pointer of the vacuum gauge rises, and the vacuum pump stops working when the rated vacuum is reached.

4. heat seal. The outside air enters the heat-sealed air chamber through the air intake hole on the upper part of the packaging machine. Because of the pressure difference between the vacuum chamber and the heat-sealed air chamber, the latter is inflated to make the upper heat-press frame move down and press the bag mouth. In a few seconds, the heat seal is completed and taken out. 5. According to the material ,Packaging is complete. The following types of vacuum bags are commonly used: plastic film vacuum bags, nylon vacuum bags, antistatic aluminum foil vacuum bags,ESDAntistatic metal vacuum bag.

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