Introduction to the advantages of water-based adhesives for composite packaging films

January 2, 2023

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Water-based adhesives for composite packaging films mainly include water-based polyurethane adhesives and water-based acrylic adhesives. 1, Does not pollute the environment, is conducive to environmental protection; 2, Can be used on medium and high-speed composite machines (it can be used directly on the existing composite packaging film production line using solvent-based adhesives in food packaging factories without equipment modification and additional investment); 3, No solvent residue, high transparency of the composite film; 4, The composite strength of the aluminum-coated film is good, and it will not damage the aluminum-coated layer, nor will it cause the transfer of the aluminum-coated layer; 5, less amount of glue (can be as low as1.6g/m), the overall cost of which is not higher than that of existing solvents; 6, It has good adaptability to alcohol-soluble ink.

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