Introduction of three common automatic packaging composite films

August 8, 2022

Introduction of three common automatic packaging composite films

Many customers do not know how to choose the material when ordering automatic packaging composite roll film. Today we will talk about the characteristics of different materials:

PET/PE film: OPET/LDPE is made of polyethylene terephthalate and high pressure polyethylene, which has the characteristics of high transparency and good oxygen resistance, so it is especially suitable for the aerated packaging of food like bread and cake. And because of the heat and cold resistance of this composite film is also very good, it can also be used as a packaging bag for quick-frozen food and cooking food.

BOPP/CPP film: BOPP/CPP is bidirectional tensile polypropylene and unstretched polypropylene,  in all the composite film, this composite film is relatively high transparency. Compared with single film plastic bag, the cost is higher than single film plastic bag under the same thickness, but the feel is better than single film bag; And because of the good moisture resistance of this film, it mainly used for packaging some dry food and fast food, such as biscuits, instant noodles and so on. The disadvantage is that high temperature and cold resistance is poor, should not be packaged refrigerated and high temperature sterilization food.

OPP/PE film: BOPP/LDPE is made of two-way stretch polypropylene with high pressure polyethylene composite film bag. The air resistance and resistance properties of the compound bag is of this film is very good, so is especially suitable for packing of green tea. 

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